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RISTO - Risto

Also available as CD / Download

Finally available on vinyl! This LP release began as a fan effort on Facebook and gathered so much support that Fonal released it as a special limited edition deluxe vinyl.

White 180 gram beautiful newly mastered by Risto himself and packed in gorgeous gatefold covers! It doesn't get any better then this! Get yours while you can! This will sell out very quickly!

A1. Sade, kultainen sade  ••LISTEN
A2. Rakkaani, mennään Aasiaan
A3. Nina, olen palasina  ••LISTEN
A4. Jumalan kämmen

A5. Levy-yhtiön jätkät  ••LISTEN
B1. Annukan kaa
B2. Unessa mies, valveilla nainen
B3. Kuiskauksesi elää vielä
B4. Kateelliselle ystävälle

Leevi & the Leavings in the city, Ville Leinonen in handcuffs, Kauko Röyhkä in selfpity, Kari Peitsamo as a smart person. Risto brings that self esteem, naiviness and reality that died with Gösta Sundgvist. Have you heard what they whisper around Tampere?

Format: CD
Total lenght: 36 minutes.
Catalogue Number: FR-34
Released: 2004
ISRC: FI-SSP-04-00063 - 00071