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Narc Beacon / Nag Nag Bacon

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GOODIEPAL - Narc Beacon / Nag Nag Bacon


Gatefold cover also available separately for those who already own the whitesleeve 2LP Gatefold cover only version.

Goodiepal or Gæoudjiparl van den Dobbelsteen, whose real name is Parl Kristian Bjørn Vester, is a controversial Danish/Faroese musician and composer. The eccentric and self-made Goodiepal has influenced the course of modern music through radical excursions into computer technology and media art. Until recently he has been employed as a teacher at DIEM (Danish Institute for Electro-acoustic Music) at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark. Goodiepal declared intellectual war against the stupidity in modern computer music and media art, which is to say against The Royal Academy of Music, when he quit the job in 2008. As of 2012 he lives somewhere in Europe and is married to the road.

Narc Beacon was first released in 2001 on CD format and in 2003 on a double LP picture vinyl with music on each A-side and etchings on each B-side. The vinyl quickly became a collector’s item, commanding high prices on the second hand market shortly after it was sold out. A few extras were kept in a basement in Paris in order to compensate for the high prices which were expected. These are now available for sale and released on Fonal Records along with brand new gatefold sleeve by a Finnish artist Pauliina Mäkelä.

1. Hitachi's Røver Stykæ
2. I Kirby's Drømmeland
3. Nokia's Røver Stykæ
4. Ejn Anden Side Afir Chupa Chups
5. Gamer's in Exile's Egenskab'er Ud I Det Robotiskeo ~ Fæjl!
6. Flap Nipp'er

B-side etched drawings

1. Flap Nipp'er
2. Dub'er På Ikonet
3. Carl Bergstrøm ~ Nielsen I Maskinur'æ
4. Det Kom Alt Sjammen Fra Oli'en Som Du Lystigt Pumpede
5. Bang & Olufsen Røver Stykæ ~ We Call it Adventure Trance
6. Tilbage Til Tranc'en

D-side etched drawings

Format: 2LP picture/etched
Total lenght: 40 minutes
Catalogue Number: FR-89LP
Released: 12.11.2012






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