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Summer and Smiles of Finland

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FONAL RECORDS - Summer and Smiles of Finland


1 Paavoharju : Aurinkotuuleen unreleased
2 Paavoharju : Valo tihkuu kaiken läpi Yhä hämärää CD (FR-37)
3 Islaja : Rohkaisulaulu Palaa aurinkoon CD (FR-36)
4 Islaja : Lumiloitsu unreleased
5 Islaja : Aallot ja äänet Meritie CD (FR-32)
6 Kemialliset Ystävät : Antihistamiinimatkaaja Alkuhärkä CD (FR-33)
7 Kemialliset Ystävät : Lumottu karkkipurkki Lumottu karkkipurkki CD (FR-38)
8 Kemialliset Ystävät : Heijastuksia! Kaikuja! Kellari Juniversumi CD (FR-21/21B)
9 Shogun Kunitoki : Montezuma Tasankokaiku CD (FR-41)
10 Es : Les Fleurs Sont Des Bonnes Auditrices A Love Cycle CD (FR-17)
11 Es : Pehmeä Iho Kaikkeuden kauneus ja käsittämättömyys CD (FR-28)
12 Kiila : Auringonlunta Silmät sulkaset CD (FR-30)
13 Risto : Nina, olen palasina Risto CD (FR-34)
14 Risto : Rakkauden Rock unreleased
15 Tv-Resistori : Intiaanidisko Intiaanidisko CD (FR-35)
16 Tv-Resistori : Serkut rakastaa paremmin unreleased
17 Es : Summer And Smiles Of Finland unreleased

NOTE: This cd is totally gone and we dont have any copies left, sorry!

HUOMIO: Tämä cd on loppu ja meillä ei ole yhtään kappaletta jäljellä, pahoittelemme!


Fonal Records is a Finnish independent label run by Sami Sänpäkkilä that began releasing mainly domestic music in 1995. Fonal has a catalogue of 40 experimental, folk, ambient and popular music releases and has organized concerts for its artists accross Europe and North America. Summer and Smiles of Finland is a 10th anniversary compilation for promotional purposes only. It will not be sold.

Fonal has showcased at various festivals including the Sonar Festival in Barcelona , Spain and Independence day in the famous B2 club in Moscow , Russia . Label bands include internationally acclaimed bands such as Kemialliset ystävät, Islaja, Es, Kiila, Risto, Tv-Resistori and Paavoharju . Fonal has received wide attention in media in The Wire Magazine, Pitchfork Media, New York Times, Dusted Magazine, Foxy Digitalis and WMFU radio just name a few.

All Fonal cd's are packaged in cardboard packages that Fonal has designed and manufactured in Finland . The size is same as jewel case or digipack but contains no plastic. Fonal is distributed by Forced Exposure (USA), (Scandinavia), Playground Music (Finland), Clearspot (Benelux), Plop (Japan), Fuse (Australia), Scratch (Canada), Baked Goods (UK), Risonanza Magnetica (Italy).

Fonal will tour with ES, ISLAJA and KIILA in Europe between 23.3.-9.4.2006. in UK , Portugal , Spain , Belgium , Switzerland , France and Netherlands.

Format: CD
Total lenght: 63 minutes
Catalogue Number: FR-40
Released: January 2005
SAMPLES: mp3/96kbps