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Risto was formed in 2002 to bring to life the visions of the singer, keyboard player Risto Ylihärsilä. In addition to him the original line-up included Tuomas Eriksson on guitar and Minna Kortepuro on bass. Risto played their first gig at Telakka, Tampere in 2003 with the drummer Eero Rannio. The band did not actively seek a label, the idea being that “they will find us goddamnit!”

A few cd-r’s were handed out to friends and Sami Sänpäkkilä of Fonal Records heard the recordings at a house party. Fonal released Risto's self-titled debut album in summer 2004. Eero Rannio left the band in early 2005 and Sami Rouhento (Kiila, Cessna) joined the band. The recording of the second album began in the summer of 2005. Sami Rouhento was offered a job in the UK; once again it was time to look for a new drummer. The already oh-so-famous Ville Leinonen joined the band. Risto released the Diskopallo 7” single (Lipposen levy ja kasetti, 2005) and the Hessu kostaa 7” ep (Fonal, 2005) containing children’s songs, which was released under the alias Ris-to.

Risto began to receive more and more attention and gathered a loyal and large fan base with their intense performances and genre-spanning pop/rock. They soon realised they were playing sold-out concerts to screaming fans. The second album was released in September 2006 and went in at number 12 on the official Finnish album chart. The album has sold almost 2,000 copies in two months. Risto have achieved a certain status and hope it will stay this way – getting more popular is not on their wish list.

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