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AIU tour - Canvas bag

Approximately Infinite Universe canvas bag that fits 10 LP's easily. Beautiful artwork by Pauliina Mäkelä. Made specially for and sold during the Approximately Infinite Tour in UK. Get it now! We only have a few!

Two of the UK’s busiest leftfield promoters, NO-FI and [NO.SIGNAL] join forces this September 2008 to present APPROXIMATELY INFINITE UNIVERSE - A CARAVAN OF RAW SOUND MAGIC FROM FINLAND AND THE US, an eight-date tour, supported by CMN and media sponsored by The Wire Magazine, which will travel the length of the UK. Featuring special commissions and unique collaborations from some of the most innovative and exciting acts of Finland’s underground with the haunting ISLAJA, the beautifully disorientating KEMIALLISET YSTÄVÄT, the epiphanies of ES and the genius collages of TOMUNTONTTU (Jan Anderzén) - most represented by the influential and exploratory label FONAL. Each will musically entangle themselves amongst an uncompromising host of Americans, including the home-recorded acid folk of FURSAXA; freak goddess SAMARA LUBELSKI (Hall Of Fame, Tower recordings, MV&EE), the ‘Terry Riley-fused with Kate Bush’ impossibility of AXOLOTL, the ‘coal-powered spacecraft from some steampunk parallel universe’ that is BLEVIN BLECTUM and the occult trance duo SKATERS.

Format: Bag
Size: 37x42cm