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1) Download all the individual stems below.
2) Remix it!
3) Send it to us via email to Send as Mp3, wav or aif file with at least your name (and artist name if you got one) and the name of the remix. If you want you can include other info too along with a picture and your website address. The sooner you get your remix to us the more time people have for voting for it!

1st prize is a signed copy of the new Tv-resistori album and two free Fonal CDs.
2nd prize is a free Fonal CD.
3rd prize is a digital download Fonal album of your choice.

If the entries are amazingly good (which we expect them to be) we might release some on a future Tv-resistori digital release!

We will upload your remixes to Fonal Records Soundcloud page and they will appear here on the player for everyone to listen. By entering you acknowledge to the terms at the bottom of page.

The winners will be decided by you and your fans! You can vote on the box below (once we get some entries in first!). You can give your vote to as many remixes as you like. You can't take your vote back, once you click to vote that's it.

Competition deadline for submissions is May 27th. Voting ends May 31st 2011.

1. Adrián Juárez
2. Jori Kemppi
3. Switzerland

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS! And thank you to everyone for participating of course! The entries were absolutely amazing. So much talent out there! I can't wait to have another remix competition!

- Sami / Fonal



Tv-Resistori - TV-Resistori


Terms of the competition. All rights to remixed versions of the song “Funtsi” created by you shall be owned by Fonal Records. Tv-resistori will be credited as the sole writers and Fonal Records the publishers of the remixes you send us. You will waive any copyrights to the song and you may not exploit, or allow others to exploit the remixes created. In case of an official release we will contact you and agree on further terms. By taking part in this competition you certify you have read and understood these terms. /