Laura Naukkarinen, aka Lau Nau is one of the more interesting names in the Finnish music scene - a singer-songwriter, producer and film music composer. Her songs are imbued with a cinematic breadth of vision and her idiosyncratic, finely honed soundworld builds on fragile, spectral otherness. Her fourth album ”HEM. Någonstans” (Fonal records 2015) takes us to the fleeting borderline between contemporary classical and experimental music.

Lau Nau’s first solo albums were released in the US (Locust music 2005 & 2008). She has been touring around world ever since both solo and with her band that includes such Finnish musicians as Pekko Käppi, Jaakko & Antti Tolvi and Niko Karlsson. Lau Nau has opened for Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Lee Ranaldo in Helsinki on the bands' kind request, and played dates in New York and San Francisco, Super Deluxe in Tokyo, and Shanghai Expo in China to name a few.

The debut album, ‘Kuutarha’, won acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork and Dusted, with The Wire naming the LP in their top 50 albums of 2005, and citing her Philadelphia show of that year amongst “60 concerts that shook the world”. Lau Nau’s third album ‘Valohiukkanen’ (Fonal records 2012), was nominated for the prestigious Teosto prize in Finland.

During the past years, Naukkarinen has been composing music for films, theatre, dance and sound installations. She accompanies silent films live and composes music for feature films. Her original music score for Jan Forsström’s feature film ”Princess of Egypt” was nominated for the Jussi movie prize in Finland 2014.



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FR-102 Lau Nau: Hem. Någonstans CD/Digital

FR-88 Lau Nau: Valohiukkanen CD/LP/Digital
Cover photo by Susanna Majuri

Lau Nau: Nukkuu CD



Photo by Ryo Mitamura

Photo by Sergio Hydalgo

Photo by Vera Marmelo

Photo by Vera Marmelo



Lau Nau: Painovoimaa, valoa from Sami Sänpäkkilä on Vimeo.

Lau Nau - Kuoleman tappajan kuolema from Windows Have Eyes on Vimeo.