Fonal Records is a Finnish independent label run by Sami Sänpäkkilä since 1995. Fonal has a catalogue of over 70 experimental, folk, ambient and popular music and dvd releases. The artists have toured across Europe, North America, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Fonal has showcased at various festivals including the Sonar Spain, Subcurrent UK, By:Larm Norway, Eurosonic Netherlands, Independence day and Notch festival in China, an Approximately Infinite Tour in UK and Roskilde Denmark. Label bands include internationally acclaimed bands such as Kemialliset ystävät, Islaja, Es, Kiila, Lau Nau and Paavoharju. Fonal has received wide attention in media in The Wire Magazine, Pitchfork, New York Times, Dusted Magazine, Foxy Digitalis and WMFU radio and many others.

Fonal is distributed by Forced Exposure (USA), Shellshock (UK), Playground Music (Finland & Scandinavia), Clearspot (Benelux), P*Dis (Japan) and Recordisc (Greece). Fonal is distributed digitally worldwide by Diogenes Music ltd. in iTunes, eMusic, Boomkat, Other Music and Amazon with more stores added all the time.

All Fonal Records CD releases are packaged in unique cardboard Fonal sleeves with no plastic that Sami Sänpäkkilä has designed and are printed at a local printer. The covers are often extensions of the artists vision and are packed to the brim with artwork by them.


- FR-87LP Vähän multaa päälle LP compilation ENG PDF
- FR-40 Summer and Smiles of Finland promo compilation cd
- FR-20 Surrounded By Sun compilation cd


Surrounded By Sun Compilation


Fonal logo, black box on white background, no address

Fonal logo, black box on white background (Preferred choise!)

Fonal logo, white box on black background

Fonal logo, black text, no box, on white background