I create Cetacean Trancefers. Dreamt by places like, Ho’okena, Ilha Das Flores, São João Do Pico, and Kealakekua. All the patterns, tones and harmonies are inspired by Nature’s Tongue. The music is meant as a two dimensional (left – right, stereo) sound picture. A metaphorical landscape in which you could hike, or just stand by and relax. You’re the Ruckenfigur. Watching a dramatic environment. And in analogy with this metaphor, I use various recorded elements of nature and sound, and re-create them into a new, Utopian Landscape. Like the deep minds of the Golden Age of Science Fiction, I prefer Beauty above suspense. In essence, my music is not synth music nor new age. It’s more affiliated with landscape painting. And romantic poetry. Or poetic cinema. Like a vision of thousands of Flamingos. Forming many abstract pinkish blobs. The Mental Unit molecule of my music is formed by the knowledge of The Great Thinkers. Strong in romance, sincerity and knowledge. And the truth is Love. And All. And when the moon prompts its many dreams over All, my music is there. In the faint moonlight. You see. The landscape. As being a grainy picture of your inner landscape. Being the deep psychology of music.

...On Sea-Faring Isolation CD (FR-84) PDF English
...On Sea-Faring Isolation CD (FR-84) PDF Suomeksi


Dolphins Into The Future: ...On Sea-Faring Isolation (FR-84)
CD Re-issue
includes bonus track